Anatomy And Physiology Quiz

Extensive Questions
Q.1. Describe the role of auxins in various                         developmental phenomenon in plants?
Q.2. Write a note on gibberellins?
Q.3. Write a note on application of plant growth                hormones in agriculture?
Q.4. (I) Classify plant hormones?
(II) Discuss the synergetic role of hormones in               controlling growth?
Q.5. Describe the distribution and functions of                 gibberellins in plant growth?
Q.6. (I) Describe the distribution and transport of                  auxin in plants?
        (II) Discuss major functions of auxins?
Q.7. (I) Define auxins and what is the distribution                  of auxins in normal green plants?
        (II) How the transport of auxins take place?
        (III) Discuss functions of auxins?
Q.8. (I) How gibberellins were discovered?
        (II) What are functions of gibberellins in                           plants?
Q.9. (I) What are cytokinins? Describe their                             chemical nature?
        (II) Discuss functions of cytokinins in plants?

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