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Majority of them are fresh water. They are also found on moist soil. They form dark green mats. General structure of Vaucheria Vegetative structure:The thallus is filamentous. The filament is cylindrical, branched, tubular, erect coenocytic. The filament is attached to the substratum by hepteron. Hepteron is colourless branched rhizoid like structure. Filament increases in length by [Continue]


Occurrence of Diatoms: Diatoms are sea-going. They are both marine and new water. They frame tanish filth on the surface of mud and lakes. Diatoms are bottomless amid spring and pre-winter months. They are for the most part microscopic fishes. Some are connected to the substratum. Vegetative structure: Diatoms are unicellular creatures. A few structures [Continue]


Laminaria is found along shores of seas. The majority of the species are lasting. Vegetative structure Plant body The plant body is sporophyte. The sporophyte is separated into three sections: holdfast, stipe and cutting edge. The holdfast is an arrangement of forked root like branches (hapetra). The stipe is constantly unbranched it might be barrel [Continue]


Occurrence Ectocarpus is a brown alga. It is abundantly found throughout the world in cold waters. A few species occur in fresh waters. The plant grows attached to rocks and stones along coasts. Some species are epiphytes on other algae like members of Fucales and Laminaria. Ectocarpus fasciculatus grows on the fins of certain fish [Continue]


Occurrence Batrachospermum is fresh water alga. It is found in clear, cool and running streams. Deep water plants are dark violet or reddish in colour. But the shallow water species are olive green. The intensity of light changes the colour of pigments. The thallus is attached to the substratum. General structure Vegetative structure Tha:lus of [Continue]


Occurrence Polysiphonia is a marine alga. It is present along the coast of oceans. It is attached to the rocks or other substratum. Some members are epiphytes. General structure Vegetative structure Plan body is composed of branched filamentous and basal attachment disc. Attachment discs: The basal attachment disc is formed of several non septate, branched [Continue]