PLANT EMBRYOLOG STUDY EMBRYOLOG Early development of Capsella bursa–pastoris Following developmental changes take place in the embryo CopseIla bursa pastoris: I. First division of Oospore: Its oospore increases in size. It divides transversely in two cells. The cell toward the microphyll end is called suspensor cell. The cells towards other side is called embryonal cell. Embryonal cell forms the major ...

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Female Gametophyte or Embryo SAC Development

Female Gametophyte or Embryo SAC Development Female Gametophyte or Embryo SAC Development  Types of embryo Sac Development There we types of embryo sac development. The classification is based on: The number of 9 ses or spore nuclei entering into the formation of embryo sac Thus embryo sac may be monosporic, bisporic or tetrasporic tyr The number, arrangement, and chromosome number ...

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Characteristics Of Natural Wood

        Characteristics Of Natural  Wood Wood is a I–41 fibrous tissue found in many plants. It has been used for centuries ice noth fuel and as a construction material. It is composed of 2 natural composite of cellulose fibers (which are strong in tensio .) embedded in a matrix of lignin. Lignin resists compression. W md is ...

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