Plant Tissue Culture Applications

Applications of Plant Tissue Culture
Application in Research Work
Tissue culture techniques have helped in research work variously:
By culturing different tissues on artificial media, knowledge about requirements of various chemical substances (minerals) necessary for the growth of those tissues is found.
Organogenesis has been studied by inducing formation of roots, shoot tips, etc. From callus on nutrient mediums.
Tissue culture technique has helped in studying various biochemical and physiological processes in pure cultures without complications of other factors.
Recessive traits can be studied in haploid plants raised by anther culture technique. Similarly, mutations induced in haploids can be easily detected.
Protoplast culture technique has been used to raise hybrids of normally incompatible plant species.
The effect of various hormone on differentiation and growth processes can be studied by using tissue culture technique.
Improvement of Crops
Hybrid vigor is important in crops improvement. Normally homozygous true-breeding cultivars are obtained by selfing for many generations which requires work for many generation. After culture technique has helped in raising haploid plants and then diplodization of these haploid plants by using colchicines result in production of homozygous diploids in limited period of time.
Shortening of Breeding Time and Seed Viability Test
Embryo culture technique can be used to break seed dormancy. This has enabled in shortening of long dormancy periods in certain horticulture plants, thus shortening the breeding time. Also seed viability can be tested by germination excised embryos.
Production of Rare Hybrids
In plant breeding all desirable crosses are not successful mostly due to death of embryo at early stage or endosperm embryo incompatibility. In such cases, complete viable plants can be raised by embryo culture or protoplasts culture technique.
Maintenance of Pure Desirable Lines of Plants
It is quite difficult to maintain the crop varieties in pure form under natural field conditions. However, tissue culture technique has helped in maintaining genetically pure clone indefinitely. This help in averting loss of desirable characters.
Rapid Multiplication of Plants
In certain fields, such as forestry a very large number of plants are required. Multiplication of plants by natural methods involves longer periods of time and large space. Tissue culture technique has helped in raising a large number of plants in very short time and small space that can be planted accordingly.

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