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STUDY OF ANGIOSPERM Occurrence Angiosperms are flowering plant. Their seeds are covered by fruits. Their fertile leaves bear ovules. The fertile leaves are folded and joined to from ovaries. The ovary is changed into a fruit after fertilization. There are 235,000 species of angiosperms out of 360,000 known species of plants. Angiosperms are heterosporous plants. These are most successful plants ...

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Megasporophyll Or Carpel Of Angiosperms

Megasporophyll Or Carpel Of Angiosperms Gynoecium or pistil is the female reproductive whorl of flower consisting of one or more carpels or Megasporophll. The carpel is an elongated appendage and is a modified folded leaf. The folding encloses Megasporangia (ovules) in a chamber, the locule. Each carpel consists of three parts Stigma, which receives pollen grains. Style slender projection of ...

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Embryology And Development Of Angiosperms

Embryology And Development Of Angiosperms Life cycle of an angiosperm comprises of two generations, the Sporophytic and the Gametophytic. These two generations alternate with each other in regular sequence. This phenomenon is known as Alternation of Generation. The angiospermic plant, that is usually differentiated into roots, stems, leaves and flowers, is the Sporophyte as it consists of diploid cells (2n). ...

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