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Angiosperm Embryo Sac Types – Three Main Embryo Sac Types and Its Variations

Angiosperm Embryo Sac Types

Angiosperm Embryo Sac Types – Monosporic Embryo Sac, Bisporic Embryo Sac, Tetrasporic Embryo Sac Angiosperm embryo sac mainly are of three types. The first one is monosporic embryo sac; the second one is known as bisporic embryo sac and the last one is called tetrasporic embryo sac. We previously studied development of female gametophyte, which is a Normal Type 8 – nucleate monosporic embryo ...

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Ovule Development – Megasporogenesis, Types of Embryo Sac, Female Gametophyte

Ovule Development

Ovule Development In Angiosperms – Megasporogenesis in Angiosperms, Embryo Sac Types, Female Gametophyte In Angiosperms Ovule development takes place by appearance of primordium as a protuberance on the surface of the placenta. It grows into a conical structure with rounded tip. This is the Nucellus or Megasporangium Proper. From the base of the nucellus, one or two layers of tissue develop, which ...

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