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Photosynthesis Organelle – Chloroplast Structure and Function, Site of Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis Organelle

Photosynthesis Organelle (Chloroplast) – Explain Chloroplast Structure and Function, Enlist Parts of Chloroplast and Describe Chloroplast as Site of Photosynthesis Photsynthesis organelle is also referred by another name known as chloroplast. Chloroplasts are defined as the sub cellular organelle (Plastid) in green plants in which chlorophyll is present and process of photosynthesis takes place. The chloroplasts vary in shape, size ...

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What Are Plastids

Plastids The membranous bound and pigment containing bodies present in the cell are called plastids. Plastids were Discovered by Schimper in 1883. Plastids are present only in plant cells and some algae. Plastids are semi-autonomous bodies of cells. They contain their own DNA and ribosome. So, they are self-replicating organelles. The newly form plastid is called protoplastid. It then changes into ...

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