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Botanical Plants Classification (Part 2)

Botanical Plants Classification (Part 2) Division: Gymnospermae The division Gymnospermae was placed in between dicotyledons and monocotyledons and is further classified into three orders. Gnetaceae Coniferae Cycadaceae This system has some refinements over that of de Condolle’s namely erection of a new series Disciflorae in their Polypetalae and its incorporation between the Thalamiflorae and Calciflorae, and revision of apetalous taxa. The gymnosperms were treated as the third taxon, ...

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Botanical Plants Classification (Part 1)

Botanical Plants Classification (Part 1) Classification           Classification is the arrangement of plants into groups having common characteristics. These groups are arranged into a system. Similarly, species of flowering plants are placed in a Genus; similar genera are grouped into Families; families with common features are arranged into Orders; orders into Classes and classes into Divisions. The Aim of Botanical ...

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