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Chromosome Duplication – Explain Gene Redundancy, Give Ohno Thesis

Chromosome Duplication

Explain Chromosome Duplication, What is Gene Redundancy, Describe Duplication mutations In Details With Ohno Thesis Chromosome duplication occurs when any part of the genetic material РA single locus or a large piece of a chromosome is present more than once in a genome. As in deletions pairing in heterozygotes may produce a compensation loop. Chromosome duplication may arise as a ...

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Give Variation in Chromosome Number Significance And Describe Endopolyploidy


Significance of Variation in Chromosome Number – Briefly Describe Endopolyploidy And Define Gene Redundancy Variation in chromosome number study has enhanced our knowledge of evolution. Monosomy and trisomy in both plants and animals have made it clear that the diploid genome expresses genetic information in a delicate balanced way. In humans, this equilibrium of genetic expression is much important as ...

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