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Process of Photosynthesis – Photosynthesis Process Step by Step, Pigments

Process of Photosynthesis

Process of Photosynthesis – What is┬áChemical Equation for Photosynthesis, Explain the Photosynthesis Process Step by Step, Define Pigments and Describe Photosynthetic Pigments Process of photosynthesis is utilized by autotrophic organisms such as green plants, algae and cyanobacteria (photosynthetic bacteria). They use the photosynthesis process step by step in order to make their own organic nutrients from simple inorganic nutrients (water, ...

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Light Reaction Of Photosynthesis

Hill Reaction Chloroplasts contained the naturally occurring electron acceptor NADP+ and that it was reduced to NADPH2 in the light by addition of electrons and hydrogen ions. The hydrogen ions for the reduction are provide by water molecule which split into hydrogen ions and electrons releasing the oxygen (photolysis of water). The chloroplasts supplied with ADP and inorganic phosphate, manufacture ...

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