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Microspore of Angiosperms – Male Gametophyte, Pollination Process, Pollen Tube


Microspore of Angiosperms – Pollination Process, Pollen Tube Formation, Development of Male Gametophyte in Angiosperms Microspore in angiosperm is a unicellular, uninucleate structure, possessing two coats, the outer exine and the inner Intine and contains a large central nucleus and dense cytoplasm. The exine is thick, cuticularized and tough layer and it is often provided with spinous outgrowths, warts or ...

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Self Pollination – Types of Self Pollination, Self Pollinating Plants List

Self Pollination - Types of Self Pollination

Self Pollination – Types of Self Pollination, Define Homogamy (Autogamy Pollination), Cleistogamy, Geocarpy Self pollination is defined as the transfer of mature pollen grains from the anther of flower to stigma of same flower or to that of another flower of the same plant. So, this whole process is termed as Self pollination or Autogamy (auto – self, Gamos – marriage). ...

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