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Translocation Mutation – What is Down Syndrome and Translocation Heterozygote

Translocation Mutation

Translocation Mutation РTypes of Translocation Mutation, Describe Down Syndrome, Translocation Heterozygote,  Reciprocal Translocation Translocation mutation is also termed as chromosomal translocation, translocation chromosomal mutation, DNA translocation, or simply translocations. Basically, translocation mutation involves the movement of a segment of a chromosome to a new place in the genome. The translocation may occur within a single chromosome. Reciprocal Translocation, Define Position ...

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Chromosomal Inversion – Types of Inversions, Describe Inversion Loop

Chromosomal Inversion

Chromosomal Inversion – Describe Types of Inversion, Inversion Loop and Explain The Role of Inversion in Evolution Chromosomal inversion are also called by different names (genetic inversion, chromosome inversion or inversion mutation). The Inversions are chromosomal mutations that concludes a segment of chromosome which is turned around 180o and is reinserted into the chromosome. It does not involve a loss ...

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Chromosome Duplication – Explain Gene Redundancy, Give Ohno Thesis

Chromosome Duplication

Explain Chromosome Duplication, What is Gene Redundancy, Describe Duplication mutations In Details With Ohno Thesis Chromosome duplication occurs when any part of the genetic material РA single locus or a large piece of a chromosome is present more than once in a genome. As in deletions pairing in heterozygotes may produce a compensation loop. Chromosome duplication may arise as a ...

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