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Angiosperm Life Cycle

Life Cycle of Angiosperm

Angiosperm Life Cycle, Development Of Angiosperm Flower and Microsporophyll Angiosperm life cycle comprises of two generations, the Sporophytic and the Gametophytic. These two generations alternate with each other in regular sequence. This phenomenon is known as Alternation of Generation. Angiosperm Life Cycle And Its Stages The angiospermic plant, that is usually differentiated into roots, stems, leaves and flowers, is the Sporophyte ...

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Super Kingdom prokaryota and Eukaryota

Super Kingdom prokaryota and Eukaryota All cellular organisms so far studied fall naturally into one of two major groups, the prokaryota and eukaryota The prokaryotes appeared about 3500 million years ago and comprise a variety of organisms collectively known as bacteria. All the cells of prokaryotes (pro=before+karyon=nucleus)lake true nuclie. In other words their genetic material (DNA) is not enclosed by ...

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