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Classification of Plants – Units, History, Systems – Armen Takhtajan Plant Classification

Plants Classification

Botanical Classification of Plants – Classification of Plants By Different Scientists, Their Merits and Demerits With Plant Classification Chart Classification of plants is their arrangement into groups having common characteristics. These groups are arranged into a system. Similarly, species of flowering plants are placed in a Genus; similar genera are grouped into Families; families with common features are arranged into Orders; ...

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Characteristics of the 5 Kingdoms

Basically, the Kingdoms of life (The 5 kingdoms) was divided on the basis of two aspects, two points. The first was kingdom Classification System, while the second was Division Classification system. The 5 Kingdoms (Kingdom Classification System) In 1969, Robert H, Whittaker described a system of classification. This classification forms five kingdoms. This basis of classification of Whittaker is: (a) ...

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Taxonomic Hierarchy of Plants

Classification, taxonomic hierarchy and nomenclature of plants are included in plant diversity. The presence of variety of plants in the form of different Taxas (specie, genera) is called diversity of plant. Different plants have different morphology, physiology, cytology and anatomy. It produces diversity among plants. Scope and Classification of Plant Kingdoms The study of kinds and diversity of organisms and the ...

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Classification of Plant Kingdoms With Diagrams

In Classification of Plant Kingdoms the Fourth Kingdom Classification was given by Copeland an American biologist who created the fourth kingdom Mycota (Monera) along with Three Kingdoms. In 1966, he included bacteria and one of the most primitive algae, called blue green algae, under this kingdom. Copeland was the first scientist who separated bacteria into a separate kingdom known as ...

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Plant Kingdom Classification And Their Drawbacks

The Process in which organisms are placed into different groups on the basis of similarity and dissimilarity in characteristics is known as classification. Here are going to discuss the contribution of different /several scientists towards classification. The first time, plants and animals were given the status of kingdom by the scientist named Carolus Linnaeus. So, let’s start with biological classification. ...

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Bentham and Hooker Classification system

1 his system was proposed by George Bentham and Joseph Dalton Hooker. They proposed natural classilication system. .[heir system as published ill Genera Plantarum. They divide the seed plants into 202 orders. .[heir system was chiefly based on De Condone. Advantage of Bentham and Booker Classification system: . It is oased on natural classification system. It changed the artificial classification ...

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Carolus Linnaeus Classification system

The classification system of Linnaeus was based on floral characteristics. He chiefly used characters of stamen’s. Therefore, his system is called sexual system. This system is very convenient for the identification of plants. I le presented his classification system in two books. These books are Species Plantarum and Genera Plantarum. Advantages of Linnaeus system: Linnaeus was first to introduced some ...

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Binomial Nomenclature Of Plants

Binomial Nomenclature  Plant Nomenclature: The assignment of scientific names to plants is called Nomenclature. Name is one of the most important ways of identifying an object. Names maybe common, proper, abstract or collective. Our choice of names for individuals is generally arbitrary, however, it imbibes a great influence of language, religion, culture and tradition. Since due to wide application and ...

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