Nitrogen Metabolism

Biochemistry of Biological Nitrogen Fixation

Biochemistry of Biological Nitrogen Fixation  Nitrogen fixing bacteria that occur in association with higher plants, especially with those of family Leguminaceae (fabaceae), are termed as symbionts. The symbiotic association of nitrogen-fixing bacteria with plants roots generally occurs in multicellular structures called nodules. The best characterized symbiotic association involving nodules is one occurring on roots of leguminous plants. About 200 legume ...

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Nitrogen Cycle

Nitrogen Metabolism Nutrient Assimilation Higher plants are autotrophic organisms that can synthesize all of their molecular components from inorganic nutrients from the local environment. The mineral nutrients taken up by plants are converted into carbohydrates, lipids and amino acids. It is called nutrient assimilation. Nitrogen Assimilation Nitrogen is a key element in many of the compounds present in the plants. ...

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