Photosystem Of Light

Photo-Systems – The Light Traps The orderly arrangement of photosynthetic pigments on thylakoid membrane is called photo-system. History Hill and Fay Benda11 (1960) proposed that photo-chemical phase of photosynthesis involves two events, one that tended to oxidize the cytochrome and the other that tended to reduce it. It is now known that oxidation is brought by far-red light of wavelengths ...

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Chlorophyll Function And Structure

Chlorophyll The chlorophyll molecule has a porphyrin-ring like structures (head) with a magnesium atom in the center and a long hydrophobic hydrocarbon tail that anchors it in photosynthetic membrane. The porphyrin ring (head) is a flat, square structure containing four smaller rings (I-IV), each possessing a nitrogen atom which can bond with magnesium atom. Head: The head is hydrophilic and ...

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Discovery of Photoperiodism in Plants

Photoperiodism is the response of a plant to the relative length of light and dark periods to produce flower. The relative length of day and night to which a plant is exposed is called the photoeriod. Photoperiodism is a photobiological process – a process that involves absorption of light by a receptor (usually a pigment) that results in activation of ...

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