Plant Diversity

Plant Diversity Exam Questions

Following are some important plant diversity exam questions. What is diversity? Which factors do cause it? Ans. The presence of variety of plants in the form of different taxas (specie, genera) is called diversity of plant. Different plants have different morphology, physiology, cytology and anatomy. It produces diversity among plants. What is systematic? What does it include? Ans. The study ...

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Four Major Periods of Plant Evolution

The fossil record shows that there are four major periods of plant evolution, which took place the history of evolution of earth. Since the first organism formed on earth. But before discussing the periods of evolution let’s discuss the basic concepts of evolution in plants diversity. Basic Concept of Evolution in Plants Diversity Nearly all plants reproduce sexually. Most plants ...

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Biodiversity Measurement in Relation to Diversity of Ecological Function

Bio means “Life” and Diversity means “Variety”. In short variety of life is called biodiversity. While conservation means maintaining earth biodiversity. Diversity of life in all forms and at all levels of organizations. All the forms mean biodiversity including plants, animals, fungi, invertebrate, bacteria and level of organization refers to the diversity of gene, ecosystem as well as species. The ...

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Super Kingdom prokaryota and Eukaryota

Super Kingdom prokaryota and Eukaryota All cellular organisms so far studied fall naturally into one of two major groups, the prokaryota and eukaryota The prokaryotes appeared about 3500 million years ago and comprise a variety of organisms collectively known as bacteria. All the cells of prokaryotes (pro=before+karyon=nucleus)lake true nuclie. In other words their genetic material (DNA) is not enclosed by ...

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