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Viruses Test Questions

The viruses important questions for papers and tests are as follow What are virus and virion? Ans: Viruses are infectious particles consisting only of the viral genes enclosed in a shell made up of proteins. The infectious complete body of viruses is called virion. Virion is composed of nucleic acid and capsid. Therefore, viruses are generally called nucleocapsid. What are ...

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Plant Diversity Exam Questions

Following are some important plant diversity exam questions. What is diversity? Which factors do cause it? Ans. The presence of variety of plants in the form of different taxas (specie, genera) is called diversity of plant. Different plants have different morphology, physiology, cytology and anatomy. It produces diversity among plants. What is systematic? What does it include? Ans. The study ...

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Anatomy And Physiology Quiz

Extensive Questions Q.1. Describe the role of auxins in various developmental phenomenon in plants? Q.2. Write a note on gibberellins? Q.3. Write a note on application of plant growth hormones in agriculture? Q.4. (I) Classify plant hormones? (II) Discuss the synergetic role of hormones in controlling growth? Q.5. Describe the distribution and functions of gibberellins in plant growth? Q.6. (I) ...

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