Vascular Plants

How to Care for your Vascular Plants & Non Vascular Plants

A watering will could be a must-have in each garden. it’s suggested that you simply purchase the with a slim spout to be positive adequate watering. however that doesn’t continuously apply, that the finger check could are available handy. Insert your index finger up to the primary joint in to the soil. In case you’re feeling that the soil is ...

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That Roses Are A Type Of Vascular Plant

Did You Know That Roses Are A Type Of Vascular Plant? Whether you recognize it or not, Roses are a locality of vascular plant family. When spring is on its means and also the ground is soft, it’s the right time for planting roses. Roses are a really common bloom over the years, not solely do they appear smart, however ...

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Occurrence Selaginella is a tropical plant. It has world wide distribution. It grows in damp forests. Some species occur in temperate regions. They grow in moist shady places. General structure The plant body is sporophyte. The body is divided into root, stern and leaves. Stem: The main stein is prostrate. Some erect braches arise form the main stem. Rhizophore: Main ...

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SPHENOPSIDA-Equisetopsida Occurrence The genus Equisetum has 25 species. It is world wide in distribution. They are most common in temperate regions. It generally grows in moist places. General structure The plant body is sporophyte. It is composed of rhizome, aerial branches, scale leaves and roots. 1.  Rhizome: Plant body has horizontal underground rhizome. Rhizoine gives off erect aerial brandies. Rhizome ...

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Occurrence Adiantum is a common fern. It is found in the plains of the Punjab. It grows in shady places. It is found on moist walls or rocky places. The common specie of this genus is Adiantum Capillus-Veneris. General structure The vegetative plant body is a sporophyte. It is differentiated into stem, leaves and roots. 1.  Rhizome: The stem is ...

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