Cellular biology is a stream derived from the combination of biology with technology. It involves a fairly complex study and is mostly seen as one meant for the academics who can devote time for stringent research and development. The study involves understanding the physical and chemical properties of the cells present in the human as well as the animals that roam the planet earth. Physical properties examine the structure, the cell division process etc, while the chemical ones deal with the composition and the way they interact with the environment.



The use of technology comes because of their size which is not visible to the naked eye. Microscopes of different powers have to be used at the molecular level to view the complete process and make conclusions. The extent of study varies from the small organisms like the algae and the bacteria to large organisms like elephants and giraffes. Both the unicellular and the multi cellular organisms form a part of the studies on an equal basis.

In order to find cures for the different diseases that keep cropping up from time to time, studying the cells and how they work is important. By understanding the fundamental concept behind cells and how biological system works, a number of breakthroughs have been achieved which can all be witnessed in the way the numbers of medicines have been put into the market for human usage. All surgeries and treatments given to the patients suffering from life threatening implications are done on the basis of the results derived from the study of cellular biology.
The concept is based on finding similarities between different cells. If they do exist, the findings may be generalized due to which, further studies can be commenced. This does not mean that the differences play no role. At times, the differences may turn out to be the key factors for a development. Cellular biology is in close relation to other biological studies like genetics and the study of the immune system which tend to affect a lot of biological phenomenon taking place inside the body.

As an illustration, let us see how proteins form a part of the cellular biology:

In order to communicate and collaborate with each other, cells use proteins. Tracing the movement of these proteins helps in understanding which mechanism is followed by which. They may go from one place to another inside the cell or be secreted from it. Proteins are formed by the Ribosomes present inside the cell. A typical movement pattern inside the cell is from the ER (Endoplasmic Reticulum) to the Golgi bodies and then out from the cell. Proteins also help in the development and synthesis of the DNA molecules further increasing their importance. Because the DNA is directly related to inheritance, the role becomes even more complex.

This clearly proves that everything is dependent on the other and this field of biology cannot ignore anything. The body functionalities are such that everything is related to the other. Similar to proteins, we can say the same for others like carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

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