Of all the branches of medical science, cellular biology has a special place. This is because even though significant discoveries have been made with it, there is still a lot to be explored and understood. While in some areas, there are results but no explanation, some areas witness theories without any valid results. The number of components in a cell range into thousands and studying each and every one of them is a time consuming process, explaining why developments in this area are so slow. Scientists may have to perform several tests and analysis before the discovery can be made public and even more stringent when talking about practices that can be performed on humans.

In the initial stages, research went into discovering the different components of the cell. As more and more of them were found, their functional aspects was given due importance. Studies reveled that all of these components communicate and work with each other to jointly make life possible. Every one of them has specific roles to play which are performed more diligently by them at all times. What was even more interesting was the precision with which they worked. Any change in their performance levels lead to disruptions in the stability of the body causing some disease.

In order to work in aptly, they need apt conditions in the surroundings. Interaction is one of the basic processes that they have to go through and accordingly, their steps are taken. Cellular Biology enthusiasts were amazed how small differences lead to bid results and hence, their interest into exploring further into the depths of this field increased. This can be explained by a simple example of Diabetes. A small change in the production levels of insulin can greatly affect the total sugar levels of the human body. This causes disruptions in the regular functioning of the other organs if proper care is not provided and may lead to death, something which is very serious for such a small change, hence indicating that GOD was able to perfect the art of body making to 100% without errors.
After learning whatever could be about the interaction mechanism between cells and the environment, researchers starting exploring the concept of heredity and the process of acquiring. DNA samples were studied and their structure evaluated. Soon genetics became a part of the medical processes and synthesis of items which could help in treatments was formulated. Today, most of the medicines available in the market when consumed trigger a reaction inside the body such that the processes return to normal, hence curing a problem.

Even till date, the research is on and the scientists are always bumping into things which were earlier unknown about. This has kept their interests going and only increased the dedication towards finding things which would be a boon for the human race. Special emphasis is being paid to understand the minute details of how the human brain works, which is considered to be the control room dictating terms to every process in the body. It is assumed that if the brain could be controlled, everything would become very easy.

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