Chromosomes Function

Chromosomes are the most important parts of the body that determine the shape, structure and character of a person. The chromosomes are made of DNA particles and protein material. There are totally 23 pairs of chromosomes in the human body responsible for various activities in the body. The last pair of chromosomes is sex chromosomes and is responsible for the determination of the gender of the baby which is the one of the primary chromosomes function. In males, the sex chromosomes are made of X and Y chromosomes and in the females both the chromosomes are X. When the X chromosome joins with the X chromosome in the female, a baby girl is born and when a Y chromosome from the male joins with the X chromosome in the female, this result in the birth of the baby boy.

Chromosomes Function
The human body is the most complex system to study and the chromosomes function are further complex. Researchers state that chromosomes are responsible to control all the activities in the human body. Chromosomes divide the cells and contain DNA and proteins. The proteins are most essential for the growth of muscles and tissues in the human body. One of the chromosomes function is protein synthesis and these chromosomes are essential to pass the genes in to the generations as a means of heredity. The structure of the DNA is in a double helix structure containing a lot of genes each resembling the characteristic feature of the entire generation of a particular heredity. This is the reason for the children to inherit the characters of the parents and the grand parents to a certain extent.

The DNA test is being conducted to identify the generation of the off spring and in a lot of police cases these type of DNA test are done. The primary chromosomes function is cell division which is essential for the reproduction, repair and smooth functioning of the body. These particles are present in all living beings in the planet and the cell division is a normal function that occurs in all living species. There are a lot of genetic disorders and syndromes that occur as a result of the improper pairing of the chromosomes. The gene mutations occur in some cases due to the alteration in the sequence of the genes of the chromosomes. Genetic engineering is a field that specializes in the treatment of the genetic disorders.

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