Evolution Test Questions and Answers

Evolution is an important concept in this era as well as questions related to it. So, in case here we are giving evolution test questions and answers for students at botanystudies.com. Students can prepare for there exams, quizzes, test at our website.

Evolution Test Questions and Answers


  1. Define evolution?

Ans: The change over time in specie is called evolution.

  1. What is theory of acquired characters?

Ans: According to the theory of acquired characters, Lamarck believed that organisms develop new organs or modify existing organs due to environmental problems. Thus, the organs change’s according to need.

  1. What was the objection on Lamarckism?

Ans: This mechanism lack reasonable evidences. The changes are passed to the next generation by gametes. For example, change in neck of giraffe does not occur in genetic material. So, it cannot be transferred to the next generation. evolution test questions

  1. What is theory of uniformitarianism?

Ans: According to this theory, forces of wind, rain, rivers, volcanoes, and geological uplift shape the earth of today. They have also changed the earth in the past.

  1. What is a fossil?

Ans: The histological dead remains of the organism or their imprints preserved in the rocks are called fossils.

  1. What was the concept of people before Darwin?

Ans: It was believed that the remains of animals were formed by catastrophic events. One of the catastrophic events was Noah’s flood.

  1. What are the advantages of Tortoises with shorter necks?

Ans: They live in moister regions. This region does not favor tortoises with longer necks. Therefore, the shorter-necked tortoises survive in these regions.

  1. What is adaptive radiation?

Ans: The formation of new forms from an ancestral species in response to the opening of new habitats is called adaptive radiation. evolution test questions

  1. How does artificial selection give the idea of natural selection to Darwin?

Ans: He was interested in the success of breeders. These breeders develop the desired variations in plant and animal stocks. It is an artificial selection of traits. Darwin thought that similar selection may occur in natural world.

  1. What is meant by adaptation?

Ans: The adaptations are defined as characteristics that increase the potential of an organism or species to successfully reproduce in a specified environment.

  1. What is meant by Adaptedness or fitness?

Ans: Adaptedness or fitness is a measure of the capacity for successful reproduction in a given environment. evolution test questions

  1. Name different geographical regions?

Ans: Palearctic, Ethiopian, Oriental, Australian, Neacrtic and Neotropical.

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