Genetics Quiz Questions And Answers

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Fill In the blanks

Genetics Quiz Questions And Answers

Genetics Quiz Questions And Answers

  1. Experiments on Plant Hybridization was written by:

(a) Sutten          (b) Mendel    (c) Darwin     (d) De Varies

  1. Word gene was used by:

(a) Sutten      (b) Mendel    (c) Bateson    (d) De Varies

  1. The cross in which two characters are followed at the same time is called:

(a) Monhybrid cross           (b) Reciprocal cross

(c) Dihybrids cross            (d) Hybrid cross

  1. When round wrinkle were cross, it gave all round. This
    round is:

(a) PI generation               (b) F1 generation

(c) F2 generation               (d) FA Generation

  1. When tall is crossed with dwarf, F1 gives tall, it is:

(a) Recessive (b) Hybrid      (c) Dominant (d) none

  1. The law of segregation gives genotypic ratio in F2 as:

(a) 2:1          (b) 4:1         (c) 3:1          (d) 1:2:1

  1. In F3 cross the round produce only round were:

(a) V,              (b) 1/3         (c) v2           (d) None

  1. If test cross gives all dominant characters it means the parent is:

(a) Homozygous recessive  (b) Heterozygous  ‘

(c) Homozygous dominant   (d) Heterozygous dominant

  1. The gametes of F1 are formed in ratio:

(a) 1:2              (b) 1:1:1:1   (c) 9:3:3:1    (d) 1:1

  1. The gene linkage minimize the chances of:

(a) Cross over                  (b) Segregation

(c) Genetic recombination   (d) Independent assortment

There are 80% parental and 20% recombinant in a

cross. Its recombinant frequency is:

(a) 10%        (b) 20%      (c) 40%          (d) 80%


  1. (b) 2. (c) 3. (c) 4. (c) 5. (c) 6. (d) 7. (a) 8. (c) 9. (b) 10. (a) 11. (b)

Fill in blanks

I. The study of transfer of hereditary characters (genes) from

parent to offspring is called ___

  1. __________ genetics includes the training of genetists to
    diagnose, treat, and counsel patients with genetic disorders or syndromes.
  2. Mendel called the character as_____ pair of a trait.
  3. A variety which always produces offspring identical to the

parents by self- fertilization is called _________ variety.

  1. The offspring produced by the cross fertilization between two

plant, differing in one character are called ________

  1. The offspring produced by the cross fertilization between two

plant, differing in two characters are called_______

  1. When two pure line parents are crossed with each other, they are

called first________ generation.

  1. The hereditary information are transmitted from parents to

offspring through________

  1. When both the alleles of a gene pair in an organism are same, it is called
    1. When both the alleles of a gene pair in an organism are different,

    it is called _________

    1. The cross which is used to determine the genotype of an

    individual is called_________

    1. The F2    of law of independent assortment progeny gives

    _________ phenotypic ratio.

    1. genetics    2. classical   3. elementon 4.true breed

    5. Monohybrid 6. dihybrid                        7. filial           8. genes

    9. homozygous 10. Heterozygous          11. Test

    12. 9:3:3:1

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