How To Measure Photosynthesis


The rate of photosynthesis is measured by one of the accompanying strategies: By measuring (I) the volume of CO, devoured (2) volume of oxygen freed (3) measure of starch gathered.


It is the easiest strategy. It this case, number of rises of oxygen are excludeed given in unit time by green amphibian plants like Hydrilla. Be that as it may, there is protest on this strategy.

• The gas developed is not unadulterated oxygen. It additionally contains some carbondioxide and nitrogen.

• Another complaint is that air pockets are not generally of uniform size. Wilmott goes the rises through the spout of a tube inundated in refined water. Presently the air pockets escape from the spout is of uniform size.

In another strategy the developed oxygen is consolidated chemically with hydrogen to frame water within the sight of palladium. It can give correct measure of oxygen advanced amid photosynthesis.


Demeanor of known carbon dioxide content is gone through a chamber. This chamber contains photosynthetic material. A portion of the carbon dioxide is spent simultaneously. The unused carbon dioxide is gone through a vessels containing pop lime. It gives the rate of unused CO2. This sum is deducted from the aggregate CO2 provided. It givecthe aggregate sum of CO, utilized amid photosynthesis. Following strategies are utilized to appraise the correct measure of CO2 and 02 discharged.

I. Eudiometer Method: It gives the measure of carbon dioxide consumed and oxygen advanced at the same time. A leaf is set in an eudiometer tube. This tube contains quality of known carbon dioxide content. The tube is closed by modifying its open end over mercury. It is put in light. At that point air inside the eudiometer is investigated for its carbon dioxide and oxygen content.

2. Photosynthometer: It was created by Ganong. It is an advantageous research center technique for breaking down the gas substance. The ,photosynthometer comprises of three sections: (an) a glass knob A. (b) a graduated tube C, and (c) an associating join.




Dry weight strategy was adjusted by Sachs. Photosynthesis builds the dry weight of plant. It can be measured as dry weight. This strategy has following strides:

A plant is set in dimness. Cuttings from its leaves are taken. They are cut into plates of uniform sizes. These plates are then warmed in stove. Their dry weight is assessed.

Another plant is lit up in light. Its leaves are taken. These leaves are separated into plates. Their dry weight is resolved.

Dry weight of both the leaves is evaluated.

A portion of the results of photosynthesis are utilized amid photosynthesis. So it is not a precise technique.

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