Sex Limited Trait

The traits limited to only one sex due to anatomical differences are called a sex limited treat. Such trait affects a structure or function of the body of males or females only. These traits are controlled by sex-linked or autosomal genes. For example:

(i).       Genes for milk production in dairy cattle affect only cows.

(ii).      Beard growth in humans is limited to men. A woman does not grow a beard hersell But she can pass the genes of heavy beard growth to her sons.

Sex Limited Trait

Sex Limited Trait

Sex hormones and other ph siologic differences between males and females effect on expression of certain gene. For example, premature baldness is an autosomal dominant trait. But this condition is rarely expressed in the female due to female sex hormones. It appears in them only after menopause. Thus. sex limited inheritance, perhaps more correctly called sex-influenced inheritance.

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