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Cytoplasm Function

Cytoplasm – a mandatory part of the cells attached between the plasma membrane and the nucleus, divided into hyaloplasm (the main substance of the cytoplasm), organelles (the permanent component of the cytoplasm) and inclusion (the time components of the cytoplasm). Cytoplasm Function The chemical composition of the cytoplasm: the base is water (60-90% of the total mass of the cytoplasm), ...

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Physio-Chemical Nature of Cytoplasm The living content of the protoplasm between the plasma membrane and nucleus is called cytoplasm. Living content of eukaryotes is divided into nucleus and cytoplasm. These living contents (nucleus and cytoplasm) collectively forms protoplasm. The cytoplasm has four components: Cytomembrane System It consists of well-defined structures, such as endoplasmic reticulum, mitochondria, plastids, Golgi apparatus, vacuoles and ...

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