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Family Fabaceae – Acacia nilotica

Fabaceae (Mimosaceae) The plants of this family almost exclusively tropical or sub-tropical in distribution. The family is represented by about 40 genera. Most members exhibit xeromorphic characteristics. The most common genera are; Acacia nilotica (kikar), mimosa pudica (lajvanti), Prosopis, Albizia lebbeck (shirin), etc. Distinguish Features: Shrubs or tree, pinnate compound leaves, stipules are modified into thorns, inflorescence a spikate, head, ...

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Fabaceae – Cassia fistula

Fabaceae-Caesalpiniaceae The members of the family are distributed in tropical and sub-tropical regions. There are about 135 genera in the family. The most commonly found members of the family are Cassia fistula (amaltas), Bauhinia (kachnar – flowers used as vegetable), Tamarindus (imli), Poinciana (gul-e-mohr), Parkinsonia (vilayati kikar), Saraca indica (ashok) and Caesalpinia. Distinguish Features: Herb, shrubs or tree, paripinnate compound ...

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