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Chemical Nature of Plasma Membrane

Physio Chemical Nature of Plasma Membrane The plasma membrane surrounds the cell. Chemically plasma membrane is composed of: Protein: 60 to 80% Phospholipids: 20 to 40% Cholesterol is in small amount Carbohydrates is in small amount Different models were put forward about the physiochemical nature of plasma membrane. Old Concepts Charles Overton: He found that the substances which dissolved in ...

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The Cell Wall And Its Structure

­The Cell Wall Cell wall is a characteristic of a plant cell and it distinguishes it from the animal cell. The cell wall is considered as an Ergastic Substance, i.e., secreted by the living substance (protoplasm) but it-self is non-living. The synthesis of cell wall is controlled by Golgi complex. Three layers of cell wall can be distinguished: Middle Lamella: ...

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