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Genetics Quiz

How many chromosomes are present in male and female grasshopper? A ns: The numbers of chromosomes in male are 23. It has I I pairs and one X chromosome. So it is XO. The female has 24 chromosomes. It has 12 pairs of autosomes and one pair of sex chromosome XX. What is difference between homogametic and heterogametic animals? Ans: ...

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Genetics Quiz Questions And Answers

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Fill In the blanks Experiments on Plant Hybridization was written by: (a) Sutten          (b) Mendel    (c) Darwin     (d) De Varies Word gene was used by: (a) Sutten      (b) Mendel    (c) Bateson    (d) De Varies The cross in which two characters are followed at the same time is called: (a) Monhybrid cross           (b) Reciprocal cross (c) ...

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