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Classification of Plants – Units, History, Systems – Armen Takhtajan Plant Classification

Plants Classification

Botanical Classification of Plants – Classification of Plants By Different Scientists, Their Merits and Demerits With Plant Classification Chart Classification of plants is their arrangement into groups having common characteristics. These groups are arranged into a system. Similarly, species of flowering plants are placed in a Genus; similar genera are grouped into Families; families with common features are arranged into Orders; ...

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Gymnospermae They are shrub or trees. The trees are rdsinous. Stern has central pith. Vascular bundles are present in rings. Secondar) growth occurs due to cambium. Leaves are needle like. They form cones. Ovule is naked. It is not covered by ovary. Pollination occurs through direct contacts. It has three orders:F I. Order Gnetaceae Order Coniferae Order Cycadaeeae Classification system ...

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Types of Gymnosperms

Principal Types of Gymnosperms On the basis of shoot apex three principle types of gymnosperms can be distinguished: The Cycas Type: In this type, three meristematic zones can be distinguished: Surface Meristem: The cells are not uniform in the appearance and divide anticlinally, periclinally and diagonally. The apical initials have been distinguished in the seedlings of Cycas revolute, but not ...

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Gymnosperms Study

Occurrence Gymnosperms are naked seeded plants. Gynmosperms are a group of ancient plants. They become dominant in the Jurassic period Most of the gymnosperms are evergreen trees. Some shrubby pl..flas are also found in this group. They have worldwide distribution. They are most abundant in the temperate region. The fossils of gymnosperms are found near coal and oil deposits. Life ...

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Gymnosperms-Cycas Study

 Gymnosperms-Cycas Study Occurrence Cycas has a limited distribution. It is found in south East Asia and Australia. Cycas is also cultivated as an ornamental plant in the gardens and parks. Cycas plants live upto hundred years or more. Cycas is called a living fossil. It has several characters common with the General structure The plant body is a sporophyte. It ...

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