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SPHENOPSIDA-Equisetopsida Occurrence The genus Equisetum has 25 species. It is world wide in distribution. They are most common in temperate regions. It generally grows in moist places. General structure The plant body is sporophyte. It is composed of rhizome, aerial branches, scale leaves and roots. 1.  Rhizome: Plant body has horizontal underground rhizome. Rhizoine gives off erect aerial brandies. Rhizome ...

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PTEROPSIDA THE WATER FERNS Occurrence Marsilea is an aquatic or semi aquatic plant. It is common in the temperate regions. It groNA in fresh water ponds and ditches in Punjab. Marsilea quadrifolia and Munilea minuta are commonly found in Pakistan. General structure The vegetative plant is a sporophyte. It is differentiated into roots, rhizome and leaves. 1.  Rhizome: The stem ...

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