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Give Variation in Chromosome Number Significance And Describe Endopolyploidy


Significance of Variation in Chromosome Number – Briefly Describe Endopolyploidy And Define Gene Redundancy Variation in chromosome number study has enhanced our knowledge of evolution. Monosomy and trisomy in both plants and animals have made it clear that the diploid genome expresses genetic information in a delicate balanced way. In humans, this equilibrium of genetic expression is much important as ...

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Chromosomal Abnormalities – Numerical Changes In Chromosomes

Chromosomal Abnormalities

Chromosomal Abnormalities – Variations And Changes Caused By It Chromosomal abnormalities or chromosomal aberration are two terms used when there is variation or change in number of chromosomes or in arrangement of genes. Genetic variations are indispensable to the process of evolution and to the individual identity of members of any species. Alleles are one source of such variations. The ...

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