Water Logging

The soil which is soaked with water is called water logged soil and this issue is called water logging.

Causes of water Logging

Water Logging

Water Logging

Pakistan has one of the best canal system. It is made out of 40790 channel miles. Be that as it may, a few imperfections were found. It has made the twin issues of water logging. A portion of the causes are:

These canals were not lined amid development. Accordingly, drainage of water occurred. It raises the water table of soil.

Our agriculturists have embraced informal water system system. A large portion of the water is gathered in the trench in the field. It causes water logging.

Storm rain and successive surges shape little lakes and lakes additionally cause water logging. There is an absence of waste system. In this manner this collected water can not be depleted out. This water bit by bit leaked downwards and achieved the water table. In this way it raises it ground water surface.

Effect of water logging

There are taking after effects of water logging and saltiness:

  1. Water logging and saltiness devastate the soil structure. Diverse layers of the soil are severely influenced.
  2. The soil is immersed with water. Hence, the oxygen substance of the soil is diminished. Along these lines oxygen is not accessible to the foundations of the plants for breath. So the plants bite the dust.
  3. It causes anaerobic condition in the soil. Along these lines anaerobic microorganisms are created in It. The anaerobic microorganisms create methane (CH4) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S). These gasses deliver foul smell. They make the soil unfit for other helpful soil life forms.
  4. The quantity of oxygen consuming living beings is diminished in waterlogged soil. It decreases the decay of the natural matter of the soil. It causes inadequacy of nitrogen in the waterlogged soil.
  5. It causes deflocculation of soil. Water causes draining of the solvent salts. Along these lines the upper Soil layer is without supplements.
  6. The soil pH turn out to be high and osmotic weight is expanded. It severely influences the plants and other soil creatures.
  7. Waterlogging is likewise damaging to general wellbeing. Mosquitoes and flies breed in waterlogged range. They spread intestinal sickness and other water borne illnesses.
  8. The ranchers can’t build their homes in waterlogged territories. The houses soak in the ground in these zones. Waterlogging likewise devastating the houses in towns, towns and urban communities. Urban areas of Peshawar and Faisalabad are severely influenced by these issues.

Effect of water logging in Pakistan

The vast majority of the plants can’t develop in waterlogged and saline conditions.

In this way, a large portion of place that is known for Pakistan has turned out to be fruitless. Water logging is crushing our flooded terrains quickly. It can be contrasted and the disease in the human body. We can’t accomplish independence in sustenance because of waterlogging. Most fruitful and important grounds of the nation have squandered. The ranchers are confronting multitudinous issues. It is severely influencing our economy. Waterlogging is influencing our territories at the rate of a section of land a moment. As per a harsh gauge it is influencing our territories at the rate of 1 lakh section of land each year. There are add up to forty million sections of land of our inundated territories. 5 million sections of land are severely influenced by saltiness. 12 million sections of land are experiencing saltiness patches. 15 million sections of land are inadequately depleted or waterlogged.

Cultivation of soil from water logging

Following measures normally can be taken to check and recover the waterlogged soil.

  1. Canals should be lined keeping in mind the end goal to keep the leakage of water.
  2. Establishment of tube well is the best technique for recovering the terrains. The tube wells draw water from the land. They bring down the water table. Tube wells are exceptionally useful in the areas where subsoil water is reasonable for water system. It gives double advantage. Right off the bat water level is brought down and furthermore edits cam be flooded by the water. In a few areas, tube well water is salty. This water can be blended with trench water for water system purposes.
  3. Powerful seepage system keeps the ascent of the water table. These channels divert saline water. Consequently new waste channels ought to be developed and the more seasoned ones ought to be made proficient.
  4. Bed rocks ought to be broken for gravitational waste.
  5. Water system ought to be done on logical lines. Research ought to be completed to decide the wasteful utilization of water by various yields. It can anticipates loss of water through permeation to the more profound layers
  6. Cultivate compost ought to be utilized at the rate of 10-20 tons for every section of land. This compost is formed refuse from the towns. It enhances the soil structure porosity and sustenance. Gypsum is likewise gainful for enhancing the soil structure.
  7. Trees ought to be planted along both sides of the waterways up to 500 feet. They decrease the leakage of water from the channel bank.
  8. Rice, sugarcane, and barscen can be developed in waterlogged soils.

Reclamation of soil in Pakistan

WAPDA has begun diverse recovery extends under the SCARP (Salinity Control and Reclamation Project). It is assessed that 7 to 8 million sections of land of land has been recovered all through Pakistan. In these territories dilute table has gone and waterlogging has been dispensed with. Trim land and harvest yields have expanded in these territories.

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